Stop Big Tech!

To the European Commission, European Parliament and Council of the European Union


We demand that EU leaders implement a strong Digital Services Act that stands as a first line of defence against the harms of Big Tech. It must:

  • Turn up the volume on the truth: by stopping Big Tech’s automatic systems from amplifying lies, scams and hate.
  • Stop the spying: big tech companies track everything we do online and use that data to make billions on advertising.
  • Put people in charge: corporations shouldn’t have more power than governments, or the people who vote them into power. We need new systems to help make sure it’s people, not corporations, who decide how our internet works.
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Why is this important?

We, the people of Europe, demand technology that serves us, instead of putting us, our communities and our democracies at risk.

We call for an end to Big Tech’s destructive business model which has turned our own data into weapons against us.

We demand a better internet, where citizens are able to access vital infrastructure and information, and thrive off connection and participation, without being reduced to products in an insidious surveillance economy.

We call for a world in which no small group of billionaires can tweak an algorithm and change the fate of billions without constraints or fear of consequence.

We urge all those involved in scrutinising and passing laws in Europe to stand on the side of the people you represent and take all necessary measures to rein in Big Tech’s abuses whilst defending people’s fundamental rights, critically - the right to free speech for all.

We remind you that your job is to protect us, the people, and not the profits of massive tech companies operating with impunity within our borders.

This petition is supported by coalition of over 100 organisations:

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