Maintenez le contrôle et l’étiquetage des aliments génétiquement modifiés !

The European Commission and EU governments


Nous appelons la Commission européenne et les États membres de l’UE à adopter une position ferme contre toute tentative d’exclusion des nouveaux OGM de la législation européenne en vigueur sur les OGM. Nous exigeons le maintien des contrôles de sécurité, ainsi que la transparence et l’étiquetage obligatoires pour tous les OGM afin de garantir la sécurité de nos aliments et de protéger la nature, l’environnement et notre liberté de choix.

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Pourquoi est-ce important ?

In Europe, we have strict regulations on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) – for our safety and transparency. Genetically modified foods are foods that have their DNA changed via genetic engineering - a way that does not occur naturally.

But now, big chemical companies have convinced the EU Commission to stop checking and labelling some GMOs as such. [1, 2] They're trying to increase their profits by getting the “GMO” label off their products. [3] More of us would end up buying their products, without knowing that we’re eating GM food.

As a result, farmers would start using more patented seeds that rely on toxic pesticides. Many new GM plants are resistant to pesticides, such as those that are “Roundup ready”. This could put the fate of our entire food system directly into the hands of Bayer-Monsanto and other big corporations. Deregulating these GMOs would be a huge step backward for farming communities, people and the environment.

We need our national governments to stand up for safe, healthy and transparent food. Only a few do at the moment. That’s why it’s so important for us to send a strong message now to all our governments and the EU Commission that we want them to prioritise safety and transparency over corporate profits.

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  1. The GMOs in question are produced with “New Genomic Techniques” (NGTs). These are used to create new GMO food. NGTs are defined as techniques that are capable of altering the genetic material of an organism and that have emerged or have been mainly developed since 2001.
  2. The main corporations that are dominant both in the pesticide and in the commercial seed market are also lobbying for deregulation of new GMOs: Bayer, BASF, Corteva and Syngenta.
  3. The patents on these types of GM seeds are currently dominated by the ‘Corteva group’ which, apart from its own patents, controls access to many other patents needed by breeders who want to use CRISPR/Cas technology. The other main companies are Calyxt, Bayer, BASF, Syngenta and Keygene.

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