Ban the export of bee-killing pesticides!

To the European Commission and EU Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries Virginijus Sinkevičius


Dangerous pesticides are banned in Europe – but they still get exported to Africa and South America, killing bees and devastating communities. We need the EU Commission to outlaw the export of banned pesticides!

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Why is this important?

The evidence is clear: neonics and other poisonous pesticides kill bees. That’s why they’re banned in Europe. [1]

Yet European companies like BASF and Bayer-Monsanto are still producing these pesticides and shipping them to places in Africa and South America – making millions in profit. [2]

But now a movement is underway to stamp out these deadly export loopholes. Already France has outlawed the export and transport of banned pesticides.

We need to make sure the EU Commission follows suit and outlaws the export of those pesticides for all European companies. But it won’t act unless it hears from people like you.

Will you call on the European Commission to ban the export of dangerous chemicals already banned in Europe?

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