Stop financing factory farming!

To Ajay Banga, President of the World Bank


The World Bank has been funding factory farms in the name of "sustainable development", leading to environmental destruction and animal suffering. We urge these banks to invest in diverse, eco-friendly farming systems that support small-scale farmers and align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and its own mission statement on climate change. 

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Why is this important?

Factory farms are torture for animals: Pigs’ tails are cut off without anesthesia, while chickens are packed so tightly they can't even spread their wings. [1]

And it’s not just the animals who are suffering. These factory farms wreak havoc on the planet, the climate, and our communities. They pollute our air and water and contribute to the rise of dangerous antibiotic-resistant bacteria. [2]

Meanwhile, the World Bank is investing millions each year to build more factory farms. [3] And since our governments are funding the World Bank, our taxes are bankrolling these toxic torture farms. [4]

But things are looking up: Last year, the World Bank updated its mission statement to include an explicit commitment to address climate change. [5] Let’s create a massive global outcry about this hypocrisy, and pressure them to stop investing in climate-wrecking factory farms. 

Will you sign the petition to put an end to tax-funded animal cruelty? 

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