Free Doctor Ahmed Muhanna and the AWDA medical staff!

To the Belgian government, in particular the foreign minister Hadja Lahbib; Development Cooperation Minister Caroline Gennez and Prime Minister Alexander de Croo

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Viva Salud demands the immediate release of Dr Ahmed Muhanna and the seven other hostages from the Al Awda hospital. We call on the Belgian government to take concrete steps to immediately release all those held captive, particularly the carers, who should never be targeted. We also call on the Belgian government to take effective sanctions against Israel, to put in place concrete measures to actively support the ICJ investigation, to ensure that the Court's decisions are implemented, and to do everything possible to achieve an immediate and permanent ceasefire.

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Why is this important?

We’ve all seen the images from the war in Gaza; wounded patients being treated on hallway floors, bleeding children in tears, and so much heartache. With these conditions, functioning hospitals and doctors are the only chance to treat the wounded and save lives.

When bombing intensified over Northern Gaza, people fled to the South. But, Doctor Muhanna and his team stayed behind to keep the last hospital running and continue to treat people who had nowhere to go. [1]

While these brave doctors and nurses were caring for their patients, they were abducted by Israeli forces. Even wars have limits: health-care workers can’t be targeted and must be protected. [2] 

Doctor Muhanna’s health team was not working in isolation. For years they’ve been financially supported by the Belgian government. [3] Together, let’s remind Belgium that they cannot abandon health care workers in Gaza when they most need our help. People’s lives, especially children’s, depend on it. 

The Belgian government has already spoken out for peace and humanitarian aid in Palestine. [4] And our partners believe they can negotiate Doctor Muhanna’s release. We need them to demand his release. 

Together, let’s make sure the Belgium government knows that thousands of people across Europe want to free Doctor Muhanna and his team. If enough Europeans raise our voices, we could make sure that he is able to return to his important job of caring for the people of Gaza.

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[2] This is based on international agreements, see for a description of these:



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