EU: Ban forest-killing products

European Parliament, Council of the European Union, European Commission


We call for the strongest possible European law to ban all products linked to deforestation and the destruction of nature.

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Why is this important?

No one wants to buy food that is made by destroying forests. But from our meat to our cookies, so much of the food we consume every day is made by ravaging our beautiful forests. [1]

We have a unique opportunity to change this. In a few days, the European Union will start negotiations on a new law that could ban the sale of all products made in deforested areas. [2]

Europe is the second biggest consumer market in the world - so if we win, we would have a huge impact on companies that destroy forests to sell food in our supermarkets. [3]

But lobbyists from the meat, palm oil and other industries are already on the move. They’re pushing the EU to adopt a weak law with loopholes for their products, so they can continue to cut away at our forests. [4]

With 170 partner organisations standing by our side, we can make a big impact. A massive petition signed by hundreds of thousands of Europeans can’t be ignored and will show the EU where the public stands.

Let's prove that our people power is stronger than the food industry lobby!

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  1. According to this recent study, The EU is the second largest importer of tropical deforestation and associated emissions.
  2. In November 2021, The European Commission released a draft law to cut deforestation out of the EU’s supply chains. The draft law would for the first time require companies selling certain products on the EU market to trace their origin and show that they are not linked to forest destruction or forest degradation. Negotiations in the European Parliament and between national ministers will start soon. EU agriculture and environment ministers will meet on 22 February and 17 March, while the members of European Parliament have already started to define their position.
  3. According to data from the World Bank data, on consumer spending in nominal terms, available at:
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