Raiffeisen Bank, pull out of Russia!

The Board of Raiffeisen Bank International


We are urging the Board of Raiffeisen Bank International to immediately close down its business in Russia, a country recognized by the European Parliament as a state sponsor of terrorism.

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Why is this important?

Raiffeisen, the largest European bank in Russia, is paying millions in taxes to Russia, bolstering Putin's regime and helping fund the war machine. Following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Raiffeisen recorded skyrocketing profits.They're playing both sides: doing business in European countries while also profiting from remaining in Russia [1] Many Western companies have already withdrawn from Russia following outrage, among them banks like the French BNP Paribas. [2] 

Putin has repeatedly demonstrated how cruel and ruthless his dictatorship is. Russia had committed war crimes such as deliberate attacks on hospitals and forced deportations of children. Recently Navalny's parents buried their son. EU leaders have no doubt that Putin's regime is responsible for the death of Russia's silenced opposition leader. [3] Despite clear evidence of these horrors, Raiffeisen's board has yet to pull out of Russia.

We already know Raiffeisen cares about its public image a lot. The bank has already been lobbying the Ukrainian government to remove them from their “sponsors of war” blacklist. [4] Concerned that staying in Russia will harm its reputation here in Europe.

With our collective pressure we will show that all of Europe is watching, fed up with their dodging double dealings, and we want action. Together we could force Raiffeisen to halt its financing of Putin’s war machine. 

Please, will you join us and call on Raiffeisen to immediately close down its business in Russia?

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[2] https://www.ft.com/content/8f2f10b6-331a-40c2-a1bb-9fad6312818c 
[3] https://www.euronews.com/my-europe/2024/02/16/eu-leaders-blame-russia-for-death-of-opposition-leader-alexei-navalny#:~:text=Several%20EU%20leaders%20have%20said,the%20hands%20of%20the%20state
[4] https://www.reuters.com/business/finance/ukraine-refuses-take-raiffeisen-off-russia-war-blacklist-2024-02-15/

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