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Don’t approve the discharge of Frontex's Budget. Signing it off is like signing off on human rights abuses.

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Why is this important?

LEAKED: an explosive report detailing human rights abuses, mismanagement and a cover up. All with our tax money. [1]

At the heart of the scandal? The EU’s highest funded agency, the border force, Frontex, which is supposed to protect people on the move. [2]

Instead, they witnessed human rights violations and people drowning in the Mediterranean Sea and did nothing to help them.

Frontex “took deliberate measures to make sure the violations would not be documented, investigated or accounted for”. [3] Frontex silenced those who reported abuses and it built an unlawful system of impunity.

EU top officials knew about this and sat on it for months. [4] But now that it’s out in the public, our leaders are feeling the pressure to reign in this agency gone rogue.

This is a huge opportunity to further bring this out of control agency to their knees and stop the abuse. And we want to hit them where it hurts -- their budget.

Next Tuesday, Members of the European Parliament vote on the discharge of Frontex’s budget. They could approve it. But with enough pressure from this community, they could hold the agency accountable by blocking this approval and protect human rights instead. Let your MEPs know they need to refuse Frontex’s discharge.

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  2. Frontex’s 2022 budget is €754 million
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