No more deaths on migration routes

Members of European Parliament and European Member States


  • Our leaders must stop the Migration Pact from being cemented in EU law. Replace it with a policy that protects people and puts humanity first. We want a migration system that:
    • Respects the rights of people seeking asylum
    • Supports rescue missions at sea and monitors to stop human rights abuses at borders
    • Shares the responsibility of welcoming refugees fairly across European countries
  • Frontex must be dismantled immediately and funds redirected to efforts to properly receive stranded refugees at Europe’s coasts and borders.
  • Decision makers and officials must be held accountable for their part in facilitating these deaths.
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Why is this important?

At 11:00pm on Tuesday 13th June a boat carrying as many as 750 people sank off the coast of Greece. It took 5 hours for rescue vessels to arrive. Many children are among the dead, with only around 100 survivors at the time of writing. [1]

This is a crime, a mass killing of up to 600 people on the move, stranded in the ocean. The victims were made up of families, most tragically children – people like you and me. They deserved help. They deserved safety and dignity. But authorities failed to act. We must never allow this to happen again.

So WeMove is teaming up with organisations across Europe. Our first step is to form a massive coalition of people – and together, we can hold those responsible for this disaster to account. The European border policy is killing people. An event like this, a moment so tragic and heartbreaking that it's almost impossible to conceive, could become the breaking point in Europe's cruel approach to people on the move.

Will you join this campaign to make sure that this never ever happens again in Europe?

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